Sustainability in Adhesives

Better solutions that are safe for humans and the environment – you can count on us to reduce your carbon emissions and create more sustainable adhesives.

What you can expect from our sustainable adhesives 

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Increased quality and durability

Push your adhesives’ performance even further – with our raw materials and in-depth industry know-how. Together, we can enhance the targeted properties of your products while making them more sustainable.

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Decreased carbon footprint


Reduce the carbon footprint of your adhesives and end products. An ever-increasing part of BASF’s portfolio is also available using sustainably sourced materials in production.

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Impress your customers with a sustainable ending for their products: contribute to the protection of our environment and provide your products with biodegradability or enhanced mechanical recycling properties with our raw materials.

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Increased safety


Water-based, solvent-free, with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) – our adhesive raw materials and additives are safe during as well as after processing, for humans and the environment.

BASF’s contributions to a more sustainable chemistry

Easily reduce your carbon footprint with our solvent-free UV-curable acResin®

Save the CO2-equivalent of 5000 trees – with our solvent-free acrylic hotmelts. Adhesives used in high-quality paper and filmic labels, medical tapes, durable labels for automotive applications or as tapes in construction can become more eco-friendly by replacing solvent-based adhesives with our  UV-curable acrylic hotmelt acResinAdhesive manufacturers can opt to reduce the carbon footprint of their products even further: all our products, including acResin®, are also available as Biomass balanced versions – see below for more on this.


acResin® - the new production plant in Ludwigshafen


Safe products that pass on nothing: low VOC, low odor, and APEO free

We do not want our packaging or furniture to be harmful to us or our environment, but to be safe at any time. To this end, BASF’s water-based raw materials do not contain e.g. aromatic isocyanates, glymo, organic solvents and have little to no amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC). They also contribute to the quality of your products by having very low residual odor and taste.

But the benefits already emerge before the product is finished: thanks to their aqueous nature, our adhesive raw materials offer lower lead and curing times and are safer to work with – for increased cost efficiency and utmost safety for humans and our environment.

A good end for a good product

With the help of our materials manufacturers produce durable and food-safe packaging with a reduced carbon footprint. But even the life of the best freezer bag or juice carton eventually comes to an end.

What if instead of being left with a lot of waste you could separate multi-layer materials and then recycle the different layers? Or simply compost the entire packaging material? BASF offers a range of adhesives that facilitate mechanical recycling, composting or even enable biodegradable packaging.


Biomass balance: drop-in solutions for a drop in carbon emissions

BASF follows a new approach with a closed chain of responsibility from pre-production to finished product. It all starts with replacing fossil fuels with renewable starting materials such as bio-naphtha or biogas derived from organic waste or vegetable oils. The sustainable feedstock is then allocated to a specific chemical product.


The REDcert2 standard

ensures the correct allocation of renewable resources in BASF’s value chain and allows for verifiable product claims since 2019.

Biomass balance – how it works


We call this the Biomass balance approach. It works just like green electricity where you contribute to a sustainable industry by paying for electricity sourced from wind or water turbines without actually using "green energy" all the time.

Products manufactured using the Biomass balance approach are of the highest quality. With the help of our Biomass balanced products, manufacturers can emphasize their environmental commitment and benefit from reduced inputs and costs to comply with European and global solvent regulations.

More advantages of Biomass balance approach 


We are ready for a sustainable future.

What about you?

Our sustainably sourced raw materials help you to develop better products. Products that are safe. Products that are biodegradable. Products with an enhanced lifecycle.

BASF is ready for a sustainable future. We are looking forward to developing better end-of-life solutions together with our partners.

Don’t wait for legislation and be forced to make cost-intensive adjustments. Become sustainable, change now.

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