BASF’s innovative DURA-COLOR Technology achieves anti-aging promise to keep paint looking new and fresh

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BASF has introduced its innovative DURA-COLOR Technology, an anti-aging paint concept that helps protect the paint from deterioration over a long period. This revolutionary binder technology is built to deliver durable performance for exterior paints, especially in terms of color and cleanness.


Exterior wall coatings are exposed to sunlight, rain, dirt and various pollutants every day, and these factors accelerate the aging of the paint. Renovation is one way to keep the buildings looking new and fresh. However, property renovation can be costly, complex, and it increases overall carbon emissions. BASF, being an all-round construction solution expert, is eager to develop binders for quality paints to tackle these challenges.


BASF’s DURA-COLOR Technology consists of three key innovations, including a controlled sequence polymerization, utilization of specialized cross-linking, and an optimized reactivity. Paints based on these two revolutionary polymers can realize excellent color-retention, superior dirt-pick-up-resistance, and outstanding efflorescence & alkali resistance.


Quality Assurance

“Facades in different climates and environments face various levels of damage. In order to ensure the product quality fits into different markets, we have done extensive outdoor exposure testing for more than two years in key countries, such as Australia, China, India, Indonesia, and the United States,” said Chee Seng Yong, Head of Polymer Dispersions for Architectural Coatings, Dispersions & Resins Asia Pacific, BASF. “The DURA-COLOR Technology is a unique technology for producing polymer dispersions that has been successfully implemented in our polymer dispersion plants across Asia Pacific. This allows us to deliver to our customers locally from our production network in Asia Pacific,” said Ming Li, Vice President, Operations, Dispersions & Resins Asia Pacific, BASF. 

Key Benefits:

  • Innovative and highly durable polymer dispersions for paints that resist damage from sunlight and humidity
  • Optimized surface to prevent dirt penetration and deter pollution
  • Unique sequential controlled polymerization technique allowing a step change in exterior coatings


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