BASF’s new EC-Lock+ Technology –

"Near-Zero" rain marks / snail trails on the exterior walls

Innovative Rain Mark Resistant Solution for Exterior Coatings.

Rain streak marks or snail trails are one of the main early discoloration phenomena in exterior coatings, especially in dark finishes. The uneven vertical shiny stripe marks appear on the coating’s surface after rain, or due to dew formation.


EC-Lock Technology - Rain Marks Resistance coating solutions.

Rain mark resistant is achieved by EC-Lock Technology which prevents water penetration and locks the excipients, which can stop them migrating to the surface. Hence, it can reduce early rain marks / snail trails and avoid formation of dirt streak marks on the coating surfaces.

EC-Lock + Technology - “Near-Zero” Rain mark Resistant solutions.

The EC Lock + Technology is combining our Acronal® Plus 7018 with Dispex® CX 4231, which effectively disperses the inorganic fillers and pigments in paints with a pronounced hydrophobic character. Synergistic effect with Acronal® PLUS 7018 for outstanding rain streak marks resistance and high durability.

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