A new high-performance acrylic technology to meet the demands for tough and durable flexible roof coatings

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With BASF's unique technology, Acronal® PLUS 7544 delivers superior mechanical performance in roof coatings applications. Furthermore, this water-based acrylic technology meets the high industry sustainability needs, meanwhile, it is simple, easy and safe to use.


As a result of exposure to direct harsh weather, roof coatings are constantly confronted with difficult  challenges. Exceptional toughness, flexibility and durability are the requirements for high-performance roof coatings applied on rooftops, where the substrates develop cracks or a great deal of deformation due to expansion and contraction as a result of thermal & weather changes. There are conventional technologies for roof coatings i. e solvent-based reactive resin technologies for examples polyurethane, however, with increased green regulations, health awareness & Sustainability needs, the industry is looking for more sustainable green alternative solutions.


With Acronal® PLUS 7544 a breakthrough technology for Flexible roof coatings, our customers can achieve outstanding durability & mechanical performance, also this water-based acrylic technology helps roofers to accomplish challenging jobsites more sustainably.

A good roof coating needs a high balance of tensile strength and elongation to protect the rooftop against potential cracking or deformation. Due to its unique technology, Acronal® PLUS 7544 has comparable elastic properties to the alternatives i.e., solvent-based reactive resin technologies for example polyurethanes.

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The cured roof coating must have a high tear strength to avoid tear propagation and to withstand the potential wind force, and Acronal® PLUS 7544 shows a good performance.

BASF tear strength test
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Easy Applications

Sometimes the substrate may not be fully dry, with Acronal® PLUS 7544 there is no risk of blistering or poor adhesion. Acronal® PLUS 7544 can be used for primer, base coat, and topcoat applications.

When compared to reactive resin technologies, Acronal® PLUS 7544 can be produced in standard mixers, also no moisture isolation is required during production. Also being waterborne the operations including packaging, storage and logistics are safe and easier. 

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