G.R.I.N - Gum Ritual Infused with Nature


Enjoy life, just G.R.I.N!

G.R.I.N, Gum Care Ritual Infused with Nature is a new solution focusing on teeth and gum wellness in various novel product textures, for Asia Pacific consumers. As per our latest trendspotting, we see that consumers are noticeably moving from oral hygiene to oral wellness, infused with nature.  Reflected as a lifestyle, ‘on-the-go sustainability’, fun and emotional care elements are also linked with oral care products these days. Consumers are extending oral care into their daily beauty regime, to be more confident through the day.

Empower your confident smile, with G.R.I.N

Biome friendly, To G.R.I.N About


Superfood, Vitamin Concetrated, To G.R.I.N About