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Drawing Competition

The winning entries from 2016

These are the winning entries of the 2016 Kids' Lab Drawing Competition. 

All drawings impressively show how chemistry could address challenges in food, urban living and smart energy.

Read what the winners said about their drawings as well as how they co-created the ideas behind them:

“We decided to work together like a jig-saw puzzle to brain storm and find out ideas together as a team on smart energy to answer the 5Ws (what where when why who). We came up with a handful of ideas about smart energy and decided to anchor the drawing to a ‘tree’ and decorated the tree with ideas of different ways to use smart energy.” - Athene Fox (9) and Bella Talib (9)

“When we started combining our pictures, we were surprised by that our pictures look like an apartment with a basement, which is a greenhouse, and a backyard with a windmill.” - Cheung Chun Lok, Amos (9) and Ng Nok ka, Luca (9)

“We made an experiment by ourselves and got so exciting for the result like the chocolate can remove a marker pen stains on the writing board. We talked together how to draw and what color media was used. It spent two weeks to complete the drawing together.” - Hailey Lam (6) and Yato Li (6)