Change consulting

Changes in the market and in the economic environment require us to adapt our business models, structures and processes accordingly. As a result, the competencies and behaviors of our leadership teams and employees should adapt as well.

Within the scope of a change management project, we supported the Europe-wide implementation of a modified business model and service catalogue in conjunction with a restructuring and considerable changes to roles and responsibilities. The measures taken also required considerable changes of the organizational culture of the business unit.

Our objective was to involve the entire management team in the reorganization to accept and support the decisions connected with the changes. The critical success factor was to have them reconsider their own behavior and to live the changes, thus setting an example for their employees and enabling them to understand the changes and to adjust their processes.

For this purpose, we developed tailored workshops and coaching formats, for instance, in preparation for the particularly challenging communication of the restructuring process. Regular feedback loops provided us feedback on the progress of the implementation early on, allowing us to develop further measures to ensure a sustainable success.