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We drive sustainable solutions

A growing need for food, energy and clean water for a growing world population, limited resources and protecting the climate – innovations based on chemistry play a key role for these challenges, as they contribute decisively to new solutions and business models which enable decoupling growth from the consumption of finite resources. Effective and efficient research and development is a prerequisite for innovation as well as an important growth engine for BASF. 

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The modern control station in the intermediate products plant at the Ludwigshafen site is where all information relating to the plant comes together. Using numerous screens, chemical technicians and plant operators Lea Blaufuß (left), Alfred Mertesheimer (center) and Rudolf Keuchel (right) control and monitor the highly complex chemical processes. The plant for intermediate products is made up of 16 plant sections and manufactures a broad portfolio of around 50 intermediate products such as amines or diols. BASF customers need these products for applications including the production of coatings for the automotive industry, pharma or crop protection products.

Quantifying Sustainability

Sustainable development has been defined as the balance of economic success, ecological protection and social responsibility. To manage sustainability, a company must able to measure or otherwise quantify sustainability in each of these pillars.
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Sustainable Solution Steering

Society and our customers have been taking a greater interest in the business contribution to sustainability over the past decades. We are committed to understand these evolving expectations, so we might seize opportunities as well as minimize risks.

Circular Economy

The circular economy (CE) concept aims to decouple economic growth from the use of finite resources. This will require more durable and more resource-efficient products and an increase in reuse, repair and recycling including new business models. Consumers and customers are asking for more sustainable solutions to reduce waste, save emissions, or enable a sharing economy.