Making mobility more sustainable

BASF's automotive solutions enable everyone to drive farther than before with the same amount of energy but lower emissions.

Take a look at some examples of our sustainable contributions to the automotive industry below:

Mustang loses 2.5lbs in its grille with new carbon fiber materials

Volkswagen engine cover ensures quiet ride and keeps temperature at bay


E-floater® - an eco-friendly option for short commutes within cities

Concept 1865 bike merges yesterday’s design with today’s technology

BMW i3 broke new ground with innovative materials inside out

Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI set world record with Glysantin®

smart forvision: the green car of tomorrow envisaged by smart and BASF

Glasurit® body shops in China turn solvent emissions into trees

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With these innovative, high-performing solutions, you can now take more road trips through breathtaking landscapes with less impact on the environment. Share moments of your memorable journeys and join BASF's #myscenicroute competition. Learn more about the photo contest here.