Acronal® ECO 7653


Frequency of painting and repainting has been increasing steadily in emerging markets such as China and India. People are more concerned about indoor air quality (IAQ) now with the grow in health awareness. As an industry pioneer, BASF offers an ideal solution Acronal® ECO 7653 to paint formulators to develop low-VOC low-odor interior paints with advanced functionalities to address the growing market needs.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are the most common indoor air pollutants which may induce adverse health conditions. Near-zero VOC literally means cleaner air during and after painting.

To minimize the Total VOC (TVOC) level, Acronal ECO 7653 is formulated with low VOC components and is produced by BASF’s unique production technology which is free from VOCs and odor causing chemicals. As a result, paints from Acronal ECO 7653 can contain as low as 0.27g/L* TVOC – comfortably complies with Australian Ecolabel Program, China JG/T 481-2015 near-zero VOC standard and other Green Labelling requirements in different Asia Pacific countries.

TVOC levels of Acronal ECO 7653 at 50% PVC, Benchmark A, Benchmark B^

Low Odor – healthier and more economical for end-users

Use Acronal ECO 7653 to reduce VOC exposure in paints and it will eventually lead to less odor emitted to the air – which means there will no more unpleasant fumes in newly painted rooms. It will not only be healthier for workers and end-users, it is also more economical – house owners will be able to move in right away; hotel guest rooms can be released as soon as the paints are dry. Saving time and costs!

With carefully balanced polymer composition and multiphase morphology, Acronal ECO 7653 also demonstrates outstanding capability of stain resistance and high durability with wet scrub resistance and burnish resistance.

Excellent stain resistance

Paints with Acronal ECO 7653 will look fresh and neat for a longer period of time, keeping stains such as tea, ink, crayon away from newly painted walls. This premium dispersion meets high stain resistance level (at 80) which is compliant to the Class 1 GB/T 9780-2013.

(in descending order) Blue black ink, water soluble nigrosine, alcohol soluble nigrosine, Vaseline black, vinegar, black tea and blue crayon at bottom
Stain resistance comparison of Acronal ECO 7653 at 50% PVC, Benchmark A, Benchmark B

High durability

Paints with Acronal ECO 7653 will be highly durable with excellent wet scrub resistance – they will be able to withstand over 10,000 cleaning processes, which exceeds the standard of GB/T 9756-2009 with 5,000 cycles required.

And by meeting the HGT4756-2014 burnish resistance requirement (ΔGloss < 40 @ 85°), paints with Acronal ECO 7653 will have very good resistance over polishing and rubbing, resulting in less scuff marks on walls.

Use BASF formulation additives for further property enhancement

To further enhance appearances and properties, paint formulators may select a variety of formulation additives from BASF – FoamStar®, Loxanol® and Dispex® series will be able to reduce VOC and odor level further, improve freeze-thaw resistance, better hiding power and high gloss performance. For further information, visit BASF Formulation Additives website.

Clean air everywhere – even for mission critical environments

With all of the above benefits and advanced properties, paints with Acronal ECO 7653 will be suitable for general indoor facilities such as apartments, schools, offices, hotels, shopping centers and so on. They will also be optimal for mission critical environments such as operating theaters, isolated wards, MRI, radiology, pharmaceutical laboratories, microelectronic manufacturing, where strict environment control is required.

Solids Content   46% ± 1
pH   7.0 – 8.5
Viscosity (Brookfield RVT20 rpm #1, 23 °C)   1000 – 3000 mPa.s
Minimum Film Formation Temperature   ca. 25°C

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^Benchmark A and Benchmark B are two commercially available interior paints from China.