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Who we are

Research and Development in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is home to the global headquarters of BASF's Advanced Materials & Systems Research Technology Platform, as well as several other key R&D sites focused on crop protection, electronics, and battery materials. The company has more than 1,200 research and development personnel across the region, with capabilities across all three technology platforms.


Overview of R&D sites in the region

Innovation Campus Asia Pacific (Shanghai), China
Focus areas: Advanced Materials, Process Engineering, Environmental Catalysts
Headquarters of Advanced Materials & Systems Research since January 2016

Innovation Campus Asia Pacific (Mumbai), India
Focus areas: Crop Protection, Process Development and Organic Synthesis

R&D Center Amagasaki, Japan
Focus areas: Electronics, Battery Materials

R&D Center Suwon, Korea
Focus area: Electronics

A unique concept: Innovation Campus Asia Pacific

BASF's two Innovation Campuses in Asia Pacific bring together all the different parties engaged in the innovation process to create new solutions tailored to local markets in the region. The sites connect researchers, developers, technicians, production and sales experts for cross-unit collaboration in an open innovation platform that connects BASF with customers and scientific partners for co-creation. The campuses also serve as hubs for R&D activities and innovation initiatives in the region.