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地域統括本部は、各地域のインフラを最適化する責任を負っており、潜在的な需要が見込まれる市場の開拓を担っています。 財務報告のため、欧州、北米、アジア太平洋、および南米・アフリカ・中東の4つの地域統括管理本部が設けられています。



事業プロセスは、事業本部とファンクショナル・ユニットが共同で責任を負います。 原材料やサービスの調達、生産、顧客への配送まで、互いに密接に連携を取り合いながら遂行しています。

This segment structure enables us to steer our businesses in a differentiated way according to market-specific requirements and the competitive environment. We provide a high level of transparency around the results of our segments and show the importance of the Verbund and value chains to our business success. The operating divisions, the service units, the regions and the corporate center are the cornerstones of the BASF organization. This organizational structure lays the foundation for customer proximity, competitiveness and profitable growth. BASF aims to differentiate its businesses from their competitors and establish a high-performance organization to enable BASF to be successful in an increasingly competitive market environment.

The divisions bear strategic and operational responsibility and are organized according to sectors or products. They manage the 52 global and regional business units and develop strategies for 72 strategic business units.

BASF’s regional and national companies represent the Group locally and support the growth of business units with local proximity to customers. For financial reporting purposes, we organize the regional companies into four regions: Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, as well as South America, Africa and Middle East.

To strengthen our innovation capabilities, we reorganized our global research activities in 2022 and aligned them even more closely with the needs of our customers. As part of this, we integrated downstream research into the divisions and bundled activities with broad relevance for our customers in a research division. This division is globally positioned with research centers in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Five service units provide competitive services for the operating divisions and sites: Global Engineering Services, Global Digital Services, Global Procurement, European Site & Verbund Management and Global Business Services (finance, human resources, environmental protection, health, safety and quality, intellectual property, communications, procurement, supply chain and in-house consulting services).

We have driven forward the bundling of services and resources in the Global Business Services unit, making greater use of the digitalization of processes. This aims to achieve annual savings of more than €200 million from 2023.

The Corporate Center supports the Board of Executive Directors in steering the company as a whole. These include central tasks from the following areas: strategy, finance and controlling, compliance and law, tax, environmental protection, health, safety and quality, human resources, communications, investor relations, corporate audit and the Net Zero Accelerator unit.

  • Chemicals
  • Materials
  • Industrial Solutions
  • Surface Technologies
  • Nutrition & Care
  • Agricultural Solutions

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • South America, Africa, Middle East

  • Group Research

  • Global Engineering Services
  • Global Digital Services
  • Global Procurement
  • European Site & Verbundmanagement
  • Global Business Services

  • Corporate Development
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Legal, Compliance & Insurance
  • Corporate Environmental Protection, Health, Safety & Quality
  • Corporate Human Resources
  • Corporate Communications & Government Relations
  • Corporate Investor Relations
  • Corporate Audit
  • Corporate Taxes & Duties


2019年1月1日より、より高いパフォーマンスとより市場志向の組織の実現を目指して、新事業セグメントを導入しています。 この新体制により事業の運営方法、バリューチェーンの重要性、フェアブントが果たす役割についての透明性の向上を図ります。


Last Update 2023年3月3日