Super Grano

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for brain development, a healthy heart and help to reduce inflammation.

Natural sources like fatty fish are hardly affordable or accessible for most Brazilians. In particular children and elderly people need to take up Omega 3 essentially. It has a significant positive impact on the learning capabilities, cognitive performance, rheumatoid arthritis and depression.

Rice is an affordable national diet, so that with SuperGrano – fortified Omega 3 rice – those health topics can be easily tackled. Super Grano will be visibly marketed by Brazil’s leading rice company commercially as a healthy staple food in the premium market segment. As a separated second market segment, institutional feeding organizations such as schools, senior residences and social programs will be approached, which requires innovative outreach and partnership efforts.

The project will be accompanied by a clinical study.


End of 2020 more than 1 million children are expected to be reached (currently in start-up phase).

Sustainable Development Goals:

Hot bowl icon with number 2 zero hunger
Green background icon with heart rate and number 3 good health and well-being
17-Partnerships for the goals