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Future Skills

BASF is fostering educational justice, employability and economic participation empowering disadvantaged groups. We want to open learning opportunities. This means we want to empower people and organizations to learn from one another and with one another. 



Education is the key to individual personal success and a sustainable society. It opens up opportunities and is vital for participation and integration.
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Corporate Volunteering

Social commitment is an important cornerstone of social cohesion. BASF is determined to contribute to this area and is therefore offering various regional volunteering options for its employees.

Business for Inclusive Growth

Business for Inclusive Growth (B4IG) is a global coalition, powered by the OECD. It aims to pool and strengthen efforts by private companies to reduce inequalities linked to opportunity, gender and territories, and to build greater synergies with government-led efforts.

Starting Ventures

Through Starting Ventures, BASF develops business solutions that empower people with low incomes to achieve a better quality of life. The projects thereby contribute to our long-term business success.