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Donations, social and clean-up projects, Chile (2020)

Donation campaigns

During the pandemic, BASF raised awareness of COVID-19 and offered advice on pandemic management strategies. More than 600 face visors and medical equipment have been donated to health centers. In addition, over 1,800 food boxes were donated to those in need.

To enable the students to return to the classrooms quickly, BASF donated medical equipment such as cleaning agents and disinfectants to the Ann Sullivan School. The Ann Sullivan School, the Membrillar Kindergarten and the community association also received numerous food boxes.

Membrillar storytelling

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it was possible to continue the tradition of storytelling in the Membrillar Kindergarten. For the anniversary celebration of the Kindergarten, 11 stories were collected and read to the children.

"Junta Pitas" volunteer campaign

At the BASF Carrascal site, 56 kg of bottle lids were collected and delivered to "Damas de Café" with the help of the logistics area. "Damas de Café" is a group of volunteers who work in the Luis Calvo Mackenna hospital. The aim of the campaign is to sell the lids for recycling. The proceeds will be used to fund the treatment of children with cancer at the Luis Calvo Mackenna Hospital.