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Innovative solutions for sustainable mobility

Greater fuel efficiency, a lower environmental impact, freedom of design as well as greater comfort and safety.

BASF cooperates closely with customers all over the world. We supply and develop functional materials and solutions that enable vehicles to be built and to operate more efficiently.

Our product range includes engineering plastics, polyurethane and specialty foams, coatings, pigments, catalysts, axle and transmission lubricants, fuel additives, coolants and brake fluids, as well as battery materials.

BASF Facts

> 400

new colors per year



less weightof a car saves about 8.5g CO2 per km



conversion ozone to oxygen with PremAir®


up to 4°C

reduction in vehicle interiors w. smart heat management

Model of a red bus with grey background

Mass Transportation - Tailor-made solutions for mass transportation

Interior and exterior. Under the hood. Our solutions for buses and trains extend from brand-impact coatings to lightweight flooring. From chassis and battery technologies to lubricants, sealants and adhesives. And of course, our R&D teams are always working on something new.
Model of a white sports car

Automotive - Chemistry-driven innovation for future mobility

Together, with our partners, we are driving research and innovation forward to develop leading automotive solutions. These innovations will help automakers address their challenges of today and tomorrow, such as emissions reduction, heat management, e-mobility, lightweight construction, and fuel efficiency.
Airplane flying in a cloudy sky

Aviation & Aerospace - Unique solutions across a wide range of applications

Aerospace materials from BASF are cutting-edge solutions that meet the challenges of the aerospace industry. From the exterior coatings to the cabin interiors, we provide an extensive portfolio of materials designed for multiple aviation applications.