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Paving way to a brighter, more secure future

The continuously rising demand for energy and resources requires us to develop energy solutions that are more sustainable and address the need for energy efficiency and conservation. With our knowledge and expertise in chemistry for oilfields, refineries, mining, water, wind and solar energy, we partner with customers and share their commitment to a healthier, more natural and more affordable future for energy and resources.

Oil production building in the middle of the water

Oilfield Solutions

Enhance your oil production - BASF supplies a wide range of products to every application sector within oilfield: drilling, cementing, stimulation, production and enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Our solutions act as enablers for our customers to achieve maximum results in their oilfield operations.  
Burner with with blue flame

Gas treatment

Pure gas, sure gas - With almost 50 years of experience, BASF offers its customers efficient solutions for the treatment of various gases such as natural gas, synthesis gas, and biogas. Worldwide, these solutions have been proven and demonstrated in about 400 reference plants. BASF markets its range of technologies, gas treatment agents and complete technical services under the brand OASE® – Gas Treating Excellence by BASF.
utility-scale solar power plant surrounded by mountains

Solar Thermal

Taking the efficiency of solar power to new heights - BASF is an innovative systems supplier of heat transfer and thermal energy storage media, designed to increase the competitiveness of solar power plants.
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Getting more out of your photovoltaics - Innovative solutions from BASF ensure that solar panels remain full of energy even if the sun doesn’t shine for brief periods. Our solutions and expertise cover the entire solar cell production process from wafer cutting to module framing to mounting and assembling. Sunlight can be efficiently turned into energy.  
underview of refinery and silver pipes

Refinery Additives

Leading Solutions for Refineries - Demand, environmental legislation and resources: Refiners are facing a lot of challenges – our additives offer leading solutions.