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The world needs efficient solutions for balanced growth

9 billion people but only one earth: In order to meet the demands of the future global population, we will need to produce more with less resources. How are we going to feed nine billion people in 2050?

We believe that chemistry can be an enabler to supply people with nutritious, safe and affordable food and also save resources. With our products and solutions we are contributing. Together with our customers we aim to identify key levers for a more sustainable value chain in the food and animal feed industry. For example, our products help to produce more efficient and environmentally friendly foodstuffs and nutritional products.  

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Human Nutrition

It is one of the most important tasks of our time to produce high-quality and safe food. Even today our products help to make food healthier and more nutritious, such as by enriching it with vitamins. We maintain a dialogue with our markets and customers to jointly identify solutions for tomorrow's challenges.  
Man in a blue shirt holding a baby pig

Animal Nutrition

A growing world population also means greater demand for meat, fish, eggs and milk products. Our efficient, high-quality products help our customers to grow profitably whilst also saving resources.

Crop Protection

As a reliable partner to the agriculture industry, BASF offers tried-and-trusted, innovative fungicides, insecticides and herbicides in the area of crop protection. Our products and services help farmers improve the yield and quality of their products.