Who we are

Business Segments

We have 11 divisions grouped into six segments: Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care, Agricultural Solutions.

With our segment structure we want to contribute to the success of our customers from various sectors in almost every country in the world. We take a differentiated approach to steering our businesses according to market-specific requirements and the competitive environment. We provide a high level of transparency around the results of our segments and show the importance of the Verbund and value chains to our business success.

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The Chemicals segment consists of the Petrochemicals and Intermediates divisions. It supplies the other segments with basic chemicals and intermediates, contributing to the organic growth of our key value chains. Alongside internal transfers, our customers mainly come from the chemical and plastics industries. We aim to expand our competitiveness through technological leadership and operational excellence.


Petrochemicals: Broad portfolio of high-quality basic chemicals and specialties tailored to the needs of internal and external customers that serve as starting materials for products such as dispersions, paints, coatings, plastics, insulating materials and hygiene products

Intermediates: Comprehensive portfolio of intermediates and specialties, which are used as precursors for products such as coatings, plastics, textile fibers, pharmaceuticals and crop protection products


The Materials segment is composed of the Performance Materials division and the Monomers division. The Materials segment’s portfolio comprises advanced materials and their precursors for new applications and systems. These include isocyanates and polyamides as well as inorganic basic products and specialties for the plastics and plastics processing industries. We want to focus primarily on organic growth through differentiation via specific technological expertise, industry know-how and customer proximity to maximize value in the isocyanate and polyamide value chains.


Performance Materials: Polyurethanes, thermoplastics and foam specialties for sectors such as the transportation, construction and consumer goods industries, as well as for industrial applications

Monomers: Isocyanates and polyamides as well as inorganic basic products and specialties for sectors such as the plastics, automotive and construction industries

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Industrial Solutions

The Industrial Solutions segment consists of the Dispersions & Pigments and the Performance Chemicals divisions. It develops and markets ingredients and additives for industrial applications, such as fuel and lubricant solutions, polymer dispersions, pigments, resins, electronic materials, antioxidants, light stabilizers, oilfield chemicals, and mineral processing and hydrometallurgical chemicals. We aim to grow organically in key industries such as automotive, plastics, electronics, and energy and resources, and expand our position in value-enhancing additives and solutions by leveraging our comprehensive industry expertise and application know-how.


Dispersions & Pigments: Raw materials used to formulate products in the coatings, construction, paper, printing and packaging, adhesives and electronics industries

Performance Chemicals: Customized products for various customer industries such as chemicals, plastics, consumer goods, energy and resources, as well as automotive and transportation

Surface Technologies

The Surface Technologies segment comprises the Catalysts and Coatings divisions, which offer chemical solutions for surfaces. Its portfolio serves the automotive and chemical industries and includes automotive OEM and refinish coatings, surface treatment, catalysts, battery materials, and precious and base metal services. We improve our customers’ applications and processes with tailored products, technologies and solutions, and support them through geographical proximity and supply reliability across all regions. The aim is to drive BASF’s growth by leveraging our portfolio of technologies and expanding our position as a leading and innovative provider of battery materials and surface coatings solutions.


Catalysts: Mobile emissions catalysts, chemical catalysts and adsorbents, refining catalysts, battery materials, precious and base metal products and services, precious metal trading, recycling, clean air technologies

Coatings: Automotive OEM coatings, automotive refinish coatings and services, decorative paints, surface-applied treatments for metal, plastic and glass substrates for a wide range of industries

Nutrition & Care

In the Nutrition & Care segment – consisting of the Care Chemicals and Nutrition & Health divisions – we serve the growing and increasingly sophisticated demands for fast-moving consumer goods. Our customers include food and feed producers as well as the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, detergent and cleaner industries. We also offer solutions for technical applications and for crop protection and plant nutrition. We strive to expand our position as a leading provider of ingredients and solutions for consumer applications in the areas of nutrition, home and personal care. Our goal is to drive organic growth by focusing on emerging markets, new business models and sustainability trends in consumer markets, supported by targeted acquisitions.


Care Chemicals: Ingredients for the cosmetics, detergent and cleaner industries, agrochemical and technical applications

Nutrition & Health: Products for the food and feed industries, the flavor and fragrance industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the bioethanol industry

Agricultural Solutions 

In the Agricultural Solutions segment, we aim to further strengthen our market position as an integrated provider of seeds, crop protection and digital solutions. Our connected offer comprises fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and biological solutions, as well as seeds and seed treatment products, complemented by digital products to help farmers achieve better yield. Our strategy is based on innovationdriven organic growth and targeted portfolio expansion through acquisitions. Customer needs, societal expectations and regulatory requirements are our innovation drivers.

Indications and sectors

Fungicides: Protecting crops against harmful fungal diseases
Herbicides: Reducing competition from weeds for nutrients, water and sunlight
Insecticides: Combating insect pests in agriculture and beyond
Seed Treatment: Improving seeds’ potential with chemical and biological protection as well as inoculants
Seeds & Traits: Optimizing and developing seeds and new traits