Who we are

Services at the Hub Berlin

Our Hub Berlin focuses on the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), while the Hub in Montevideo focuses in the Americas and the Hub in Kuala Lumpur on the Asia-Pacific region. Together we work closely in the Global Business Services organization on our service portfolio.

Since 2005 and with more than 2,000 employees, we have been providing all services and business services in EMEA at the Hub Berlin and support the Group companies in more than 68 countries.

We focus on our customer

By finding the best possible solutions for our BASF partners and thinking one step ahead, they can concentrate on their production and the satisfaction of their customers. In this way, we contribute to BASF's overall success.

We understand the regional and local requirements and needs of our partners and look for targeted solutions. In order to offer outstanding services, we therefore combine extensive expertise with innovative ideas. Our expert teams work transparently and globally linked across different regions. Together, we are shaping services with a future for BASF!

Would you like to know more about our strategy? You can find more information here.

Our professional areas in the Hub Berlin

In the Hub Berlin, we are home to four so-called service clusters (Customer, People, Supplier & Reporting and Safety), which provide comprehensive business services for the BASF Groups in EMEA. In addition, there are local teams that design our in-house processes on site.

Our Customer Cluster deals with all services along the order-to-cash process and is accompanied by a large number of customer contacts.

hiring process manager hub berlin office

Our People Cluster combines all specialist topics in the field of personnel and communication.

As a People Cluster in Hub Berlin, we put people at the center of our activities. We accompany our employees throughout their entire journey at BASF, from recruitment to retirement. We write the job advertisements and organize job interviews. We ensure that our employees can continue their education with the right training and ensure punctual payroll every month. We support delegations between BASF Group companies, relocations and travel expense reports and are always there for our partners to answer all questions about personnel issues.

We are the first point of contact when it comes to business trips and ensure a smooth process. In addition, we create reports, analyses and visualizations and promote global issues with the help of surveys, our talent and community management, and our focus on diversity and inclusion.

The communication teams at Hub Berlin are also focusing on people and their need for information. Internal and external target groups in EMEA are informed about current developments in a targeted manner in order to create transparency and trust. From social media campaigns, press releases, brand design, events or digital news formats – there are no limits to the creativity of our teams!

Computer programmer Information Technology smart work

The Safety Cluster brings together all processes in the areas of product safety, process safety and personal safety in the BASF Group. Our teams have exciting backgrounds because they come from fields such as biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, eco-/toxicology, pharmacy, packaging, engineering or technology. With their necessary expertise, they advise and ensure BASF's safe operation and ability to act. Data and formulas are documented and checked for compatibility, and important information is extracted to ensure consistent work and the safety of all BASF employees and partners around the world.

The Supplier & Reporting cluster comprises an extensive range of processes and services:

In order to be able to offer high-quality services, we need a number of teams to support us locally at the Hub Berlin. These teams hold the threads together at the site so that our service units can focus on their core activities.

  • HR department: There are five local specialist teams in the hub: HR Business Partner, a personnel development team, a team for compensation, benefits and employer branding, a team for the training of apprentices and dual students as well as experts on the subject of employment law.
  • Information Management: This team is responsible for various IT topics in terms of feasibility, implementation and support. You will be able to find new areas of application for a wide range of software.
  • Controlling: Our controlling team not only promotes economic transparency within the organization, but also takes on the role of co-pilot who supports the management. Acting entrepreneurially, providing financial business advice, supporting and operating is our way of fulfilling BASF's controller mission.
  • Communication: This team is responsible for improving the flow of information between our internal and external partners. It stands behind the strategic implementation to advise, train and support our local teams in terms of communication measures.
  • Procurement: It is responsible for helping all departments to be able to provide their best possible service. They advise you comprehensively if you need materials or services. Starting with the desk, through the software license to the large framework agreement with personnel service providers.
  • Facility management: It ensures that the working environment of the employees is optimally designed, from catering to building cleaning to functioning building services, so that the condition of our offices and facilities is maintained in the long term.

Global Projects & Technology

Our global project management unit supports Mergers & Acquisitions as well as Carve-Outs of the BASF Group worldwide. Right from the start, our project managers work closely with the teams in the clusters, for example to transfer employee or customer master data into our systems and to ensure that all processes run smoothly. Our project team also effectively accompanies far-reaching digitization and restructuring measures.

Our global technology team has the digital transformation of the GB (Global Business) on its agenda, influencing the more efficient design of our processes, which we apply daily in all service clusters. Together with the specialist units, the teams develop future-proof and integrated solutions with the help of state-of-the-art technologies in order to optimize our future working methods. You can find out more about digitalization at BASF here.

robot technology hub berlin

Robot HUGO in the Hub Berlin, 2017


Digitalization is part of our DNA at our Services Hub Berlin. Already with the establishment of the BASF site in Berlin, we harmonized processes in order to simplify them through automation.

Today, we use digital tools such as chatbots to help our customers quickly and easily at any time. Integrated technical solutions such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enable us to increase the efficiency of end-to-end processes, for example through automated invoice verification and processing through to payment. The resources thus freed up can be used to add value to the advice and individual support of our service recipients.

We always keep our finger on the pulse of digitalization topics, develop new solutions and empower our employees through individual training. In this way, we ensure that we continue to improve our services and further expand our flexible and mobile way of working.