Hanover & Nienburg

Site Information

The sites in Hanover and Nienburg have been part of BASF since 2006. The production sites, including the emissions control catalysts site and the adsorbents site, are based in Nienburg/Weser, while sales, R&D and other administrative functions are located in Hanover.

The Hanover site is the European headquarters of the emissions control catalysts business unit, carrying out research, product development, sales, and other strategic operations. Products and technologies are tested on engine test beds located in the Engine Lab of BASF Catalysts Germany GmbH. In the Hanover Catalysis Lab, which opened in 2015, employees work to optimize the performance of emissions control catalysts for gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles and test new raw materials.

Headquarters in Hanover
Engine Lab in Hanover

At the Nienburg catalysts site, BASF produces emissions control catalysts for gasoline- and diesel-powered cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, construction equipment and other vehicles. However, our product portfolio also comprises catalytic soot (particulate) filters such as the Four-Way Conversion Catalyst (FWCTM) that not only converts carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide into uncritical water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide but also removes harmful particulate matter. The products help automakers comply with the stringent emissions regulations and keep the air clean.

BASF Catalysts, Katalysatorenwerk Nienburg
BASF emissions control catalysts site in Nienburg
In the production hall where the catalysts are being produced

For more than 50 years, BASF has been a leading supplier of adsorbent materials. At the Nienburg adsorbents site, BASF produces different adsorbents, drying agents and catalysts carriers. That includes the KC-Trockenperlen® Sorbead®. Among other things, these adsorbents are used to reduce the saturation temperature of gases in order to prevent corrosion or icing through condensation – for example in air-brake systems and natural gas pipelines.

BASF adsorbents site in Nienburg
KC-Trockenperlen® Sorbead®