BASF Stiftung

We provide counsel

With our Employee Assistance Program, we are the central point of contact for all employees and their families in all matters regarding work, private life, finances and health.
We advise you on particular occupational or private challenges and support you throughout.


Our support offers should be requested voluntarily and independently. 

We respect different lifestyles and recognize the ability of each individual to shape their life as they determine. This includes overcoming diverse challenges that occur throughout one’s life.

In some situations, you may need support to bring stability to your life. With our counseling services, we help you to help yourself and work together to develop new solutions. 

Specialist expertise may be necessary in complex situations, which is why we cooperate with internal and external specialists – provided that those seeking advice have issued their consent. 

All counseling sessions are confidential and are subject to Section 203 of the German Criminal Code (violation of private secrets).

Crisis Intervention Team

The BASF Crisis Intervention Team (BASF KIT for short) provides support in the event of any critical incident on the site premises. The KIT aims to alleviate acute stress suffered by those affected and to arrange professional psychosocial care. The KIT also helps to prevent psychological stress, illness or the incapacity to work resulting from the incident.

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A colleague from KIT contacted me on the same day. The sympathetic conversations we had, including an explanation of the possible symptoms, particularly helped me process the situation.

The Crisis Intervention Team provided support after the unexpected death of a colleague.