BASF Stiftung

We provide support

BASF Stiftung supports people who have gotten into financial difficulties. BASF employees and other people in need can apply for financial aid. Employees can also apply for interest-free loans.

We are extremely grateful for the support provided by the BASF Stiftung when converting our house to make it barrier-free. We would not have been able to do it without their help! It is great to know that BASF Stiftung is there for people in the region with supporting words AND action!
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Daniel Fleischmann

In this context, aid is targeted financial support in the event of an emergency. Applications are checked by a commission at the BASF Stiftung before a decision is made. It is a voluntary service and there is no legal claim for it. 

For example, you can turn to us if you need financial support to make your vehicle accessible for people with disabilities, or if you have gotten into financial difficulties due to an extended illness which has resulted in a loss of earnings.

Employees, their family members and people outside BASF can apply for aid if they are in financial difficulties and all other social welfare benefits have been exhausted.

Aid can be applied for by indivudals, not by associations or organisations.

A prerequisite for the support is the presence of a financial emergency and a real need. As such, proof of a specific need, and thus a reason for the support, must be provided. You can only apply for financial aid once public support measures, such as those provided by social services, have been exhausted. Applications are checked by a commission at the BASF Stiftung before a decision is made.

Employees of BASF SE and German Group companies can apply for an interest-free support loan.
As this is an offer for BASF employees, more information is available on the intranet