Hannover & Nienburg

BASF Process Catalysts GmbH

BASF Process Catalysts GmbH is an important supplier in the development, distribution and production of catalyst carriers and adsorbents.

The best-known products are Sorbead® and DurasorbTM. The products are used for drying gases in a wide range of applications in the chemical or automotive industry. In addition, the products are used in natural gas processing and as catalysts. The company is located at the attractive location of Nienburg/Weser between Bremen and Hanover.

BASF has been a leading supplier of adsorbents for more than 50 years. At its Nienburg adsorbents plant, BASF produces a variety of adsorbents, desiccants and catalyst carriers. These include, for example, KC-Dry Beads® Sorbead®. Among other things, they help to reduce the dew point of gases in order to prevent corrosion or icing due to condensation - for example, in the moisture control of brake lines, but also in the treatment of natural gas.


BASF adsorbents site in Nienburg


KC-Trockenperlen® Sorbead®