International Coordination

Equally high standards of health protection worldwide

Our goal is to achieve the same high standards of occupational medicine and health protection at all BASF sites worldwide.

The standards of occupational health at BASF sites worldwide are described in the globally valid Corporate Health Management Requirement.

Compliance with these standards are verified regularly in the framework of an internal audit.

Medical experts ensure know-how

The occupational health international coordination team is in constant contact with the physicians and operational managers of the group companies worldwide. This provides us with a great deal of information on medical services available at our sites worldwide, as well as in their surrounding areas. In return, we support all BASF sites by providing specialized know-how from experts within our department.

Quality assurance through regular audits

The Occupational Health Audit is a systematic, periodic assessment and documentation of the quality of occupational health standards at BASF sites.

The audits are carried out by experienced medical doctors from the Corporate Health Management department, or by regional experts. Sites are audited every five years.

  • Occupational Health Management
  • Site Occupational Health staff
  • Site medical facilities
  • Medical examinations
  • Health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation
  • Medical Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Response
  • Documentation, Evaluation and Assessment
  • Industrial Hygiene, Health Protection

Medical Emergency Response is one of the cornerstones of occupational health performance at BASF sites. During the audit on-site, a medical emergency exercise is conducted. In addition to reviewing an extensive questionnaire, a site inspection, assessment of the medical facilities, hospitals and other medical service providers in the vicinity of the site are conducted. A detailed assessment of the eight different performance standards is then made and the resulting recommendations are communicated to management.

Our audit system complies with the standards and criteria of the external auditing procedures ISO 19011 and OHSAS 18001 commonly used today. This was also confirmed by an audit of our methods by Deloitte in 2005, during which BASF's audit system for occupational medicine and health protection was audited in accordance with ISAE 3000 ("high level audit"). Deloitte issued an independent statement to this effect without restrictions. The audit process was last assessed by BASF-internal Corporate Audit in 2020.