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The development of autonomous driving and e-mobility will have a major impact on the interior of the car. With our comprehensive expertise in Engineering Plastics and Polyurethanes, individual car parts testing, consultancy in design, simulation and much more - we support our customers and set new trends in the industry. When your idea turns into the ideal car interior, it’s because of BASF, we create chemistry.  

Ideal solutions for future mobility

Megatrends in the automotive industry are facing new challenges for the materials used, yet at the same time opening up new opportunities. Electromobility and autonomous driving are set to revolutionize cars and put established vehicle concepts to the test. At the K 2019 press conference, Thomas Bayerl, Segment Manager E/E & e-Mobility, talks about these trends and the impact on interior concepts.

Reimagining autonomous interior design

Due to autonomous driving concepts the car interior will change in the future. Functionality of materials will play an even bigger role.

Elastoflex® E Honeycomb

Honeycomb technology for lightweight interior applications

With reduced weight and a variety of design possibilities: The honeycomb technology is making its way in the auto industry.

designfabrik® Co-creation workshop

Turning blind spots into hot spots

Co-creation workshop with Grupo Antolin: Identifying innovation opportunities and strengthening customer intimacy.

Press conference at the VDI-congress “Plastics in automotive engineering”

David Vorgerd

The megatrends in the automotive industry are already described by the catchword "CASE". Connectivity, autonomous driving, shared services and last but not least electromobility will fundamentally change the automobile as we know it today. This poses new challenges to materials and at the same time offers opportunities for design and functionality. In addition to electromobility, automated driving will change the vehicle of  tomorrow. In a self-driving automobile, the interior will probably become an extended living room and increase the number of sensors significantly.

David Vorgerd
Director Technical Development

Let the car interior shine

Several experts discussed the trend towards high gloss surfaces in automotive interior at the VDI conference.

Ultramid Deep Gloss

Ultramid® Deep Gloss for high gloss in automotive interiors

BASF has now succeeded in developing a specialty polyamide that combines the chemical resistance of semi-crystalline polyamides with the high gloss and the depth of view of amorphous plastics.

BASF develops first semi-transparent polyamide

Ultramid® Vision - a semi-crystalline polyamide that allows light to pass through largely unhindered. It combines very high light transmission with low light scattering.  

Trunk floor

Green & Light and BASF developed Elastoskin® based paper honeycomb car trunk floor

The world's first design with Elastoskin based paper honeycomb trunk floor. Easy to clean, great freedom in the design process and excellent aging and emission properties.

Polyurethanes for noise absorbing headliner

People everywhere expect comfortable and safe cars. Headliner are forming the largest surface for reducing noise and thereby increasing the driving comfort. 

Innovative foam for thin and light instrument panels

Automobile manufacturers and processors are always searching for new, cost-effective solutions for more efficient components. This imposes a variety of challenges on material suppliers.

Virtual Abstract Model

Synthetic leather made with TPU Elastollan® makes car seats more comfortable

Car seats can now be more comfortable thanks to synthetic leather made with BASF’s thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Elastollan®.

Two polyurethane families for esthetic and haptic requirements

Chemists at BASF Polyurethanes GmbH have paved the way for elegant car interiors by developing two tailor-made polyurethane (PU) solutions, namely, Elastoskin®, the in-mold-coating (IMC) spray skin, and Elastollan®, the hard-phase-modified aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethane (HPM-TPU). 

Foaming simulation of PU systems now also available for car steering wheels

BASF has expanded its simulation tool Ultrasim® so that it can now precisely predict the foaming and curing of the flexible integral foam system Elastofoam® I for car steering wheels. 

New service: Foam-fill simulation of polyurethane systems for the automotive interior

BASF now offers an additional service for polyurethane systems in automotive interiors.