The BASF Exhibition on Site

BASF will be represented at BUGA 23 with an indoor exhibition (BASF Experience Room) and a shared outdoor area with John Deere (Hand-in-Hand Economy). Discover our two areas here. 

Discovering Sustainability in the BASF Experience Room

Our indoor exhibition covers the major topics of climate protection, mobility, recycling and circular economy. On our elastic sports floor with Infinergy® you will find interactive exhibits on the topics of e-mobility, battery materials and recycling as well as other solutions from the mobility sector. In addition, you will learn with vivid examples from everyday life how we at BASF are driving climate protection and circular economy. How can resources be used for as long as possible, how can recycled raw materials be replaced by renewable raw materials and how can new material cycles be designed? You can find answers to these questions in our exhibition. 

230416_BASF_BUGA_Ausstellung.png Circular economy Dialogue forum Product World Mobility world Climate protection wall Participation wall Workshop room Upcycling

Experience agriculture with BASF in cooperation with John Deere

The experimental field on the Spinelli grounds is the main attraction at BUGA 23. It invites visitors to discover, try out and get to know the four main themes: climate, environment, energy and food security. The contribution of BASF Agricultural Solutions and John Deere is in the area of food security.

Discover our outdoor area in the BUGA 23 experimental field on the Spinelli site. Under the motto "Together for modern agriculture", we will bring you closer to today's challenges for farmers and show you how BASF and John Deere support them with modern and innovative solutions. The focus will be on food security, climate change, sustainability and food safety.