Åpenhetsloven (Transparency Act)

BASF is committed to respect human and fundamental rights in our own operations and business relationships. We value people and treat them with respect. Thus, we are also committed to ensure decent working conditions in relation to the production and provision of our products.

Independently from the Transparency Act (Åpenhetsloven), this commitment has long been enshrined in BASF’s Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct, and specified in our Human Rights Position.

In line with the Transparency Act, BASF also wants to ensure that the public has access to information regarding how we deal with any potential impact on fundamental rights and decent working conditions across our supply chain. Below, you can find a link to BASF’s Report in relation to the Transparency Act /Åpenhetsloven.

Nicolás Bahm
Nicolás Bahm
Legal Counsel & Compliance Officer Nordics / Baltics

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If you want to find more about BASF’s approach in relation to the Transparency Act, you can contact our Compliance Officer for Norway.

If you suspect that BASF, its employees, or suppliers have breached any existing legislation, you are welcomed to report it with BASF’s Compliance Hotline.

BASF Compliance Hotline