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New Zealand

We value people and treat them with respect

We value people and treat them with respect. Engaged and empowered employees are key to our success. We are connecting across our business and industry to create good relationships with our partners and stakeholders. With our solutions and responsible business conduct, we want to contribute to a better quality of life for everyone. 

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Our employees are key to the successful implementation of our strategy.
Three children holding hands walking down a dirt road

Social Engagement

We take on social responsibility: We are involved in diverse projects worldwide, especially in the communities in which our sites are located.
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Human Rights

Human rights protect each and every person’s dignity. Respecting human rights in our business operations and business relationships is the foundation of our social responsibility.
Sri Venkataramana Higher Primary School, Kulai (Mangalore) promotes the message of water conservation with prominent display boards in and around the neighboring community. 
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Die Sri Venkataramana Higher Primary School in Kulai (Mangalore) verbreitet die Aufforderung zum Wasser sparen mithilfe von auffälligen Anzeigetafeln in und rund um die Nachbargemeinde.  
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Starting Ventures

Through Starting Ventures, BASF develops business solutions that empower people with low incomes to achieve a better quality of life.