Company culture

We stand for diversity!

Diversity is part of our DNA. We believe that not only the demographic dimensions such as age, gender, ethnic origin or religion are valuable for our team, but also the different personal skills, professional educational paths and experiences, values or sexual orientation.

Diversity is also an essential factor in Berlin, the location of our service hub and in our environment. Our more than 2,000 employees at the Hub Berlin come from 84 different nations. We speak 26 different languages every day. And we also focus on equal rights when filling our management positions and over 60% of our management positions are filled by women.

For us, inclusion means appreciating the diversity in our company. Our working environment is characterized by respect and openness. Here, all employees have the opportunity to develop their talents and abilities, to feel recognized and respected. New ideas and feedback are always welcome.

We can only do this as a team! And that's exactly why our employees are the focus. In addition to the possibilities to work flexibly and mobile, our employees have modern IT and software equipment, learning and training offers and much more. Would you like to know more about it? Here you will find an overview of our offers and services.

Diversity Hub Berlin

We are committed!

As a local BASF team, we also want to fulfill our contribution to BASF's mission and are involved in a variety of local initiatives and working groups.

As an international location, we focus on tolerance and diversity throughout the year. Diversity is what makes our Hub Berlin and our #TeamBASF. Our D+I team consists of a group of employees who, in addition to their daily professional challenges, plan activities, workshops and events to further raise awareness of tolerance and inclusion and increase the visibility of topics such as sexual orientation, religion and disabilities.

BASF is committed to promoting gender balance. By 2030, we want to increase the proportion of women in management positions at BASF worldwide to 30%.

Of the 2,000 employees in our Hub Berlin, over 65% are female. Even with more than 60% female leadership roles in our hub, we stand for fairness and equality in the field of leadership. In addition to the D&I team, we have a local women's network that promotes, inspires and networks female colleagues in order to shape their own career path both professionally and personally.

At BASF, safety is not only a top priority in the production facilities, but also in our Service Hub Berlin, which does not require any chemical production at all, we attach great importance to a safe environment. In addition to regular safety days, during which, for example, the handling of fire extinguishers is practiced. 

As a globally active company, BASF's social commitment contributes to solving current and future social challenges. In doing so, we are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. At the Hub Berlin, our focus is on ensuring high-quality and equitable education and combating climate change.

To promote education in our neighborhood, we organize a variety of initiatives – from cake bazaars to participation in the annual WeRun, where donations are collected per kilometer. With those kind of activities we can support organizations and associations in our area.

With our programs and projects, which we tackle together with our partners, we promote resource-conserving use and, for example, promote correct waste separation through training projects or participate in World Clean Up Day. Among other things, we also support the climate-neutral mobility of our employees with reduced tickets for public transport and secure bicycle parking spaces.

We are creative!

Berlin is the epitome of European contemporary art. In addition to a variety of galleries, our capital also offers the opportunity to marvel at the artist scene through studio houses, artists' meetings or street art.

Creativity is also an important part of our day-to-day business to find innovative services and solutions for our partners. However, many of our employees are also artistically gifted and active in their private lifes. Against this background, a special initiative was launched in the Hub Berlin in 2012. With the annual event Artists Incognito, our employees are given the opportunity to exhibit and present their works of art – from drawings, photographs and graphics, to installations and homemade jewelry, to singing and dance performances.

All interested employees can become part of our choir, our band or dance group and live out their musical life to modern songs and popular classics. Every two to three weeks, a new music video appears in our internal Yammer community, our internal BASF social media channel. Live performances with a large stage could be admired at our summer parties or Christmas parties.

We decide together!

Führungskultur Hub Berlin

Leadership culture

Our BASF Service Hub Berlin is characterized by flat hierarchies and a tolerant first-name culture. Everyone finds their place here, is respected and can contribute with their own ideas. We follow BASF's corporate values, the so-called CORE Values: creative, open, responsible, entrepreneurial. Our values define how we want to work together at BASF and also describe the expectations of the excellent behavior of our managers.  

We promote further development, we show various career paths and offer a variety of development programs – whether in a group or in individual coaching. Of course, the responsibility for their own development lies with everyone, but it is important to us to develop a clear and common understanding of the expectations of our managers and their roles.

Feedbackkultur Hub Berlin

Feedback culture

We listen! Feedback is an important part of our value culture at BASF. As part of the corporate strategy, all BASF employees worldwide are regularly asked about their personal assessment and experience in the field of leadership. Our goal is to foster a continuous feedback culture and expand a focus on personal growth and development.

Especially in our Hub Berlin, we attach great importance to new ideas, suggestions for improvement and the opinion of each individual. Regular surveys on current topics are just as much a part of this as various dialogue formats and personal exchange.

We develop ourselves!

Further developement

At Hub Berlin, we offer you various opportunities to develop. We attach great importance to further education and would like to support you in achieving your own professional goals in line with the company's goals. Through continuous exchange on development topics and feedback from your manager, we place a strong focus on individual needs and the targeted promotion of skills and competences.

Your development is not only in the hands of the manager, but also in your own initiative. This gives you the opportunity to develop your strengths on your own responsibility at any time. Your manager will support your ambitions, advice you and create a development plan together with you.


Your development starts with onboarding. We make sure that you get a direct glimpse behind the scenes, experience the culture and are equipped with all the important information and contacts. At the same time, our onboarding offers you the opportunity to network within the company. With our Buddy Program you always have a contact person for all your questions and after the general onboarding your team takes over the further training.

Learning opportunities

Our development offer is diverse and is geared to the needs of the company. In consultation with your manager, you also have the opportunity to participate in external training courses on a topic that is relevant to you.