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13 февраля 2007 г.

Morgan goes faster with Glasurit

The Morgan Motor Company is founded on tradition. The irresistible combination of sweeping lines, ash frames, aluminium panels and high performance has been the key to their success, since the company was founded back in 1910.

Today, the Morgan Motor Company continues that tradition with a model range that includes the amazing 4/4, which is celebrating 70 years in production, to the incredible Aeromax. This brand new model blends classic styling with the very latest in automotive technology including an advanced aluminium chassis and BMW’s 4.4 litre quad cam 32 valve motor, whipping this graceful grand tourer up to 60 mph in well under five seconds, while the driver and passenger relax in traditional style pleated leather bound luxury.

The construction of the classic range has remained virtually unchanged, apart from the use of certain state of the art materials including, most recently, the introduction of Glasurit’s advanced compliant paint technology, and although every car is hand built, Morgan has increased efficiency to the point where production of the Classic range, together with the Aero 8, has increased from an average of nine to 14 or 15 cars per week.

This very English blend of traditional craftsmanship and technology, where bonded tubs and composites share the same workshops as seasoned ash and hand rolled aluminium, is unique to the Morgan Motor Company and it has been the responsibility of the board of directors including Charles Morgan, of course, Steve Morris, the Operations Director, Tim Whitworth and Matthew Parkin to keep this extraordinary mix of production techniques running efficiently.

This has resulted in the building of a new facility dedicated to the production of the Aero 8 which, in addition to production, assembly and body preparation areas, features two new Junair spray booths, using the latest touch screen computerised controls. This new facility supplements the original paintshop, which is still in full production, and between the two shops a team of ten is responsible for all preparation, painting and polishing.

In order to maintain the highest finish quality on every car, while improving process times, paintshop efficiency and reducing material consumption, and meeting all the requirements of the latest environmental legislation, Steve ran trials with the leading paint companies and the result was that Glasurit’s compliant paint programme, implemented by Glasurit Sales and Technical Representative Jamie Price, proved the best.

The Glasurit team, under the direction of National Account Manager Ian Mooney and Brand Manager Steve Hawes, has now put into place new processes at Morgan not only in an effort to improve production efficiency, but also to further improve vehicle quality.

When asked what it means to Glasurit for Morgan to be added to its impressive list of manufacturers using the products, Brand Manager Steve Hawes said “this announcement supports Glasurit’s status as a premium brand and reinforces how vital our manufacturer connections are to the automotive industry as whole, whilst the hard work put in by Ian, Jamie and the team has proved that Glasurit has the right people to support the brand and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with Morgan”.


The application of new finishing techniques, with corrosion resistant primers and more durable finishes, not only increases the finish quality but significantly improves the durability of the body to the point where every new Morgan will be covered by the Glasurit Lifetime paint warranty.

Now that Glasurit is used on all new Morgans, customers throughout the world can choose in addition to the 14 standard colours, any colour they like from the Glasurit Color Profi system, which means that Morgan and its customers have access to more than 100,000 colours including solid colours, metallics, xirallics and pearls.

Steve Morris can accurately monitor paint usage and paintshop efficiency from his desk using Glasurit’s computerised Profit Manager system and is now in a position to supply the dealer network with a far more comprehensive colour ordering system.

In addition, Glasurit has sprayed out sets of panels showing all Morgan’s standard colours, which are being supplied to Morgan dealers throughout the world, so that every Morgan customer can see the accurate colour finished in the actual material, or chose from the Color Profi system to add that extra bit of individuality to an already very special car.

Glasurit Automotive Refinish
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