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22 марта 2007 г.


Whether in Europe or anywhere else in the world, when painters leave their shops and interrupt their work to attend training seminars, the subject matter, time schedule, and practical exercises all have to fit to a T. To meet these expectations, which are universally valid, BASF Coatings' R-M paint brand has put together a training program with the motto “Training for Excellence.” This year, for R-M Germany alone, courses will be offered for the first time at the Refinish Competence Centers in Stettin, Poland, and Maarssenbroek, the Netherlands. And after successfully launching the first course in Eugendorf, Austria, near Salzburg last year, R-M Germany, a unit of BASF Coatings Services in Dortmund, will be offering four training courses at the Refinish Competence Center there.

Gerhard Starke, R-M employee and National Head Trainer, will be leading the seminars. Starke says, “Training for Excellence is also a promise, a promise to offer optimal knowledge transfer, with the objective of improving efficiency in order to increase the profitability of the body shop.” Starke is an “old R-M hand” who knows the business and the world of refinishing like the back of his hand. He has done R-M training all over world, for instance, throughout Europe, and in South Africa and Eastern Europe, as far as deepest Siberia. Starke points to a board on which the participants have written their expectations during the short theoretical part at the outset of the course (“Our focus is on application, since you learn the most by doing.”). Their comments are to the point: “Achieve good quality”, “new business opportunities”, as well as points such as “save time” or simply “earn money". At the end of the course, the expectations will be compared to the participants' feedback. "The result is that the expectations are generally met and even exceeded,” says Starke.

What makes the courses so successful? “It's a great concept," says Starke. The interactive nature of the training seminars and the active participation of the learners allow the participants to profit from the contributions of the group. Innovative exercises such as those involving real cases or games underscore the knowledge transfer and deepen understanding. Another factor for success is that what has been learned in the course is regularly recapped along the way. In addition, the courses take place in facilities that simulate actual working conditions in the shop and are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

There are a total of seven training programs: change-over to the waterborne R-M technology ONYX HD and optimization of workflows, blending processes, plastics painting processes, pretreatment processes, optimization of application techniques, identification and reproduction of colors, as well as colorimetry and color adjustment.

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