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3 ноября 2008 г.

Brilliant colors sizzle on hot cars

Münster. What do four spectacularly finished Audi TTs and 32 miniature VW Beetles have in common? Clad in iridescent colors with metallic, chrome and pearlescent effects, they will be turning heads at the R-M® booth at the Essen Motor Show from November 29 to December 7 (press-day on November 28). R-M®, a BASF Coatings’ paint brand, will be presenting CARIZZMA, its premium paint system, on all the cars. The booth will also feature the new CARIZZMA special color series produced by the top US car designer Chip Foose – the limited R-M Foose Signature Line. R-M’s booth at the tuning and car racing show is located at the showground in Hall 6.

It’s not just CARIZZMA’s extraordinary colors that will be knocking visitors off their feet, though. “With our premium paint system we are proving that a spectacular tuning finish can also be environmentally friendly. After all, with CARIZZMA, we are the only manufacturer to offer a waterborne paint for car tuning, meaning that it complies with the stringent environmental legislation,” said Karl-Heinz Edinger, head of Sales for R-M Germany.

When visitors to the Essen Motor Show stop by R-M’s booth, they will be captivated by the wide range of CARIZZMA colors. The 32 1:18 scale model VW Beetles have all been painted in different CARIZZMA colors. The four Audi TTs, too, will be impressing the visitors with their brilliant color combinations. The Audis were also on display at R-M's booth at the Paris Tuning Show in the spring, at various venues in European countries outside Germany and at BASF Coatings' Münster site. After their appearance at the Essen Motor Show, R-M will be continuing the luxury cars’ European tour. They will be on display as part of other motor shows, road shows, customer events, company anniversaries and festivals.


BioConcept to share the limelight in Essen

The BioConcept car driven by German rapper Smudo and his Four Motors racing team will be featured as well. Refinished with R-M paints, the rebuilt Ford Mustang will be on display at the BF Goodrich booth. “Everywhere the BioConcept car appears, it creates a sensation. The car lets us demonstrate that we also have coating solutions for the biofibers used,” said Edinger.

The Essen Motor Show

The international Essen Motor Show is the place to be for tuning, car racing, entertainment and parties. This year marks the 41st anniversary of the show. Some 500 exhibitors from 19 countries will be presenting the latest developments and trends for all aspects of car tuning and car racing.

Please visit us at the showground in hall 6 !

R-M Automotive Refinish : an important part of BASF Coatings

Under the R-M brand, BASF markets a comprehensive range of automotive refinishing paint systems, focusing on eco-efficient waterborne basecoats and high-solids paints. By using these systems all legal solvent-reduction requirements can be complied with anywhere in the world, and with regard to appearance and resistance, the products meet the same quality standards as solvent-borne paints. In this area, the company offers a wide variety of services to support its customers. R-M Automotive Refinish is approved by most of the leading car manufacturers for aftermarket repair and chosen by the world's most prestigious car companies for its color expertise.

About BASF Coatings

BASF Coatings, the Coatings Division of the BASF Group, develops, produces and markets a high-quality range of innovative automotive OEM coatings, automotive refinishes and industrial coatings as well as decorative paints. BASF has significant market positions in the Coatings sector in Europe, North America, South America and the Asia/Pacific region. In 2007 BASF Coatings achieved global sales of almost 2.6 billion euros. The internet address of BASF Coatings is

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