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22 апреля 2009 г.

Green light for sale of enzymes for animal nutrition

  • Natugrain TS comes onto the European market



Ludwigshafen, Germany – April 22, 2009 – BASF has cleared an important regulatory hurdle for the EU market approval of the animal feed additive Natugrain® TS. The Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health, Animal Nutrition Section, of the European Commission has agreed to the sale of the animal feed additive throughout the EU. Marketing authorization was published in the Official Journal on April 3, 2009 and covers the animal species of broiler chicken, broiler turkeys, laying hens, ducks and piglets.


The animal feed additive Natugrain TS contains the two non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) splitting enzymes ß-endoxylanase and ß-endoglucanase. These enzymes allow the monogastric animals to digest the otherwise virtually indigestible non-starch polysaccharide compounds contained in a plant-derived diet and convert them to energy. The enzymes are manufactured using BASF’s own production strain of the fungal species Aspergillus synthesized by the biocatalytic method of fermentation. 


BASF supplies Natugrain TS in two formulations: as a heat-resistant powder for mixing straight with the dried feed prior to pelleting, and as a liquid for spraying onto the pellets after they have cooled down after pelleting. The liquid formulation is recommended if temperatures during the pelleting process exceed 85°C or if the feed is conditioned for a very long period (addition of saturated water vapor) prior to pelleting, for example for feed hygienization reasons.


BASF Nutrition Ingredients is thus extending its portfolio of enzymes for animal nutrition, which already contains various phytase formulations in the Natuphos product line.


About BASF Nutrition Ingredients

BASF’s Nutrition Ingredients business unit is a leading supplier of food ingredients and feed additives. The product portfolio for animal nutrition includes vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes, organic acids, omega-6s and other feed additives. BASF offers products of outstanding quality produced with modern, state-of-the-art technologies. BASF also combines technical services and scientific expertise to meet the highest demands and to deliver the best value to the industry. Premium formulations are a key strength that has made BASF a leader in the industry. Further information is available at


About BASF

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company: The Chemical Company. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics and performance products to agricultural products, fine chemicals and oil and gas. As a reliable partner BASF helps its customers in virtually all industries to be more successful. With its high-value products and intelligent solutions, BASF plays an important role in finding answers to global challenges such as climate protection, energy efficiency, nutrition and mobility. BASF posted sales of more than €62 billion in 2008 and had approximately 97,000 employees as of the end of the year. Further information on BASF is available on the Internet at 


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