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4 мая 2009 г.

Styrenic plastic specialty Terblend N for the ski-hatch opening

Styrenic plastic specialty Terblend N for the ski-hatch opening


For the first time, the plastic Terblend® N NG‑02 is being used for a ski-hatch opening in the new Opel Insignia. In spite of its glass fiber content, this ABS/PA blend made by BASF can be used for visible parts without having to be coated. In comparison to other vehicle interior materials, this saves time and cuts costs.


The Terblend N grade has been designed specifically for esthetic applications that also call for a certain amount of stiffness. This stiffness is achieved by a relatively small content of glass fibers (8%) and by their gentle incorporation. With its uniform matt finish and ability to replicate the mold structures down to the last detail, this material creates high-quality surfaces for exposed parts in visible areas. In comparison to products made by the competition, Terblend N NG‑02 also stands out for its good flowability, processing characteristics and high acoustic damping.


The ski-hatch opening consists of four individual parts that are clipped together in pairs. This is why this application requires for a good balance between stiffness, dimensional stability and toughness. The material is available in black and other interior colors.

Additional information about Terblend N: or at phone number +49 (0) 621 60 41446.


A press photograph can be found at under the key word “Plastics” and the search term “Terblend N”. This text and the photo will soon also be available in the plastics press release archive of BASF at


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