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28 июля 2009 г.

New easy-flowing plastic blend ABS/PA at Same Deutz- Fahr

  • New easy-flowing plastic blend ABS/PA at Same Deutz- Fahr Group

A short time ago, the new Terblend® N NG-02 EF found one of its first high-volume application at Same Deutz-Fahr Group, the Italian manufacturer of agricultural tractors. The latest glass fiber-reinforced member of the ABS/PA line from BASF has been optimized to provide especially good flowability (EF: excellent flow) and compared to the conventional glass fiber-reinforced product offers almost twice the impact strength. It thus provides ease of processing with mechanical stability. The panels for the interior of the tractors from Same Deutz-Fahr Group present challenging requirements for the resin, especially in terms of the flow length-to-wall thickness ratio. This easy-flowing material provides high surface quality, on the one hand, and allows sturdier interior panels, on the other. The large interior component is molded at Alfaplast S.p.A. in Missaglia, Lecco (Italy).

Rigid and impact-resistant

With this combination of properties, the material is very well suited for large complex parts in appearance applications where the parts are not painted or only portions thereof are painted, thus lowering the manufacturing costs. It shows high resistance to both impact and chemicals. The special blend offers the classic benefits of this resin group as well, which is high acoustic damping, a pleasant feel and the ability to replicate finely structured, matte mold textures.

Alfaplast SpA, Via 1° Maggio, s.n. 23873 Missaglia (Lecco) +39 0399240191

Additional information on Terblend N is available at: or by calling the telephone number +49 (0) 621 60 41446.

A press photo can be found at, in the keyword category ”Plastics” or by using the search term “Terblend N’. This text and the photo will be available in the BASF plastics press release archive at in the near future.


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