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17 февраля 2010 г.

BASF Podcast: iGloss: Scratch-resistant clearcoat for cars

The new, extremely scratch-resistant clearcoat iGloss not only provides auto bodies with a brilliant and robust exterior, but also gives them even longer-lasting scratch resistance. To achieve this leap forward, the researchers modeled their work on nature, developing a “hybrid material” that combines the advantages of “hard” materials and “soft” substances. Over time, iGloss provides substantially better protection against micro-scratches.


In this podcast you will learn how chemical innovations from BASF help to develop a new, extremely scratch-resistant clearcoat for cars.


BASF Corporate Communications started a regular bilingual Podcast service in April 2007 to report on BASF’s innovations and research and development activities in an easy-to-understand, informative and entertaining way.

Listen to the audio reportage with Dr. Joachim Woltering (Head of the Clearcoat Competence Center at BASF Coatings in Münster), Dr. Matthijs Groenewolt (Lab Manager at BASF Research).

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