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18 сентября 2012 г.

Wanted: Best Painter

Clermont / Münster. The 2012/2013 R-M Best Painter Contest will kick off in October, starting with the national preliminaries. The contest sponsored by BASF’s premium brand R-M is taking place for the 11th time and, in recent years, has come to symbolize the epitome of excellence in the world of automotive refinishing. The finest and most talented young painters from Europe, Asia and Africa will demonstrate their skills at the international finale held at the Refinish Competence Centre (RCC) in Clermont, France, from October 8 to 10, 2013.

In national competitions held between October 2012 and May 2013, the very best painters will be selected to represent their individual countries in Clermont. The contest is open to talented young painters under the age of 30 from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, and, for the first time, also from Bulgaria, Norway and South Africa.

The national competitions will put the young painters through their paces, testing and assessing each participant’s performance in a variety of tasks, including application and refinishing techniques, color tests, as well as the proper use of consumables and color tools. The preliminaries held at the various national R-M Training Centers will be supervised by R-M National Head Trainers and judged by a jury of independent industry experts.

The long-standing venue for the international finale of the Best Painter Contest, the Refinish Competence Center in Clermont, France, will be completely overhauled by October 2013. The state-of-the-art RCC then will offer ideal conditions for the demanding competition. Here, the young participants will be able to demonstrate their skills in spraypainting, design and refinishing techniques to the jury, the sponsors and the media.

With the 2012/2013 Best Painter Contest, the R-M premium brand reinforces its commitment to its partners in the industry by developing young talent and promoting the skills required to maintain refinishing perfection. These are the properties that today’s bodyshops need to remain competitive and profitable and secure a successful future in automotive refinishing. The contest has once again attracted the support and sponsorship of many of the world’s leading names in bodyshop equipment and the consumables industry who have become key partners in the Best Painter Contest over the years.

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Under the R-M brand, BASF markets a comprehensive range of automotive refinishing paint systems, focusing on eco-efficient waterborne basecoats and high-solids paints.  By using these systems all legal solvent-reduction requirements can be complied with anywhere in the world while maintaining the quality known from conventional solvent-borne paints for example with regard to appearance and resistance. R-M Automotive Refinish offers a wide variety of services to support its customers in this area. R-M Automotive Refinish is approved by most of the leading car manufacturers for aftermarket repair and chosen by the world's most prestigious car companies for its color expertise.

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