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2 октября 2012 г.

A bright and shining example

  • LED lights integrated into acoustic ceiling elements made of Basotect
  • Optimal room acoustics due to very good sound absorption in the medium and high frequency ranges

Thanks to Basotect®, the recording studio of German-Italian artist Stefano Maggio in Rome meets the highest acoustic requirements for sound insulation, while also ensuring optimization of the room acoustics. Ceiling panels with fully integrated LED lights and made of BASF’s melamine resin foam were installed here. Maggio is a composer, producer and music expert who needs perfect acoustics for his work in the recording studio.

The Italian company Isolcentro Acoustic Solutions was commissioned to furbish the studio. Riccardo Vivàn, its founder and CEO, opted for an approach involving various sound-absorbing elements made of the light grey material Basotect G. Acoustic panels made of this foam are sold under the company’s Acoustic Privilege product line. “All of the acoustic elements of this line are made of Basotect G since it is very light in weight and easy to process, while it also allows a wide array of designs,” explains Vivàn. For this reason, aside from being employed in sound studios, this material can also be found in offices, shopping centers, theaters and large auditoriums. Basotect G meets the requirements stipulated in Flammability Class B1 according to German standard DIN 4102 and it is also certified in accordance with Italian fire-testing standard UNI 9177 (Class 1).

Isolcentro’s “Lux” ceiling panels are fitted with permanently integrated LED lights that have a service life of about 30,000 hours. In addition, the panel displays a very good sound absorption capacity, especially in the medium and high frequency ranges from 500 Hz to 2000 Hz. The Basotect panels measure 120 cm × 120 cm and are 15 cm thick, with the result that just a few elements can optimize the sound quality even in large spaces. The smooth surface of the ceiling panels also means that they can be easily fitted into any environment, even in places where special fastening measures are needed.

The wide variety of design possibilities can be seen in the ceiling and walls in Stefano Maggio’s recording studio. What has been created here is not only an ideal acoustic environment but also an ambiance that stimulates creativity and looks good: acoustic elements with and without LED lights are fastened to the ceiling by hooks and wires. Moreover, approximately 200 wall panels made of Basotect are combined with wood paneling made of linden as well as with other vertical and suspended acoustic elements to provide the acoustic backdrop for the musical work of this artist.

Stefano Maggio, an Isolcentro customer, grew up in Munich and Rome and has been working for years as a composer and producer together with major players in the music business such as Sony Music, ProSieben, Warner Music, the Italian radio broadcaster RAI, the BBC and the television show Germany’s Next Top Model, among others. He also teaches singing and piano as well as sound design at the international academy Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome.

About Basotect

The open-pore foam Basotect has a unique property profile. Its basic material makes it flame-retardant and abrasive; it can be employed in applications up to 240°C [464°F], while retaining its properties over a wide temperature range. Its open-pore foam structure renders it lightweight, sound-absorbing, heat-insulating as well as flexible, even at low temperatures.

About Isolcentro Acoustic Solutions

Isolcentro Acoustic Solutions is a foam processor and Basotect customer based in Rome. This company specializes in acoustic solutions and has made an interesting film about the topic of acoustics titled “Il rumore della Neve”, which is part of its advertising campaign for the Acoustic Privilege product line made exclusively of Basotect elements. In 2011, this film received the award for best foreign short film at the International Short Film Festival in California, USA. The Italian title means “The Noise of Snow” in English.

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