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13 июня 2013 г.

BASF launches automotive refinish paint brand R-M® in Morocco

Casablanca. BASF has launched R-M, the premium automotive refinish paint brand, in Morocco. In Casablanca, the R-M experts presented a comprehensive offer, meeting the requirements of the automotive refinish paint market with a focus on colour expertise, services and training, to customers and journalists. ONYX HD is the first range of waterborne automotive refinish paints from R-M to be launched in the dynamic and fast-growing market Morocco where it will play a key role.  

Active in Algeria and Tunisia over the past two decades, R-M is undertaking a wide range of actions in Morocco, to meet the challenges of a fast changing market. The country has almost 3 million vehicles in circulation and major automobile manufacturers are investing in new technologies throughout their networks to repair vehicles in the best possible conditions. 

Xavier Verfaillie, Managing Director of BASF Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, and head of the North African Business Platform at Casablanca, said: “For BASF, the automotive industry is a major sector, and we want to develop complete and innovative solutions for leading car manufacturers”.

R-M experts announce the comprehensive offer that covers all bodyshop requirements based on R-M’s four pillars. 1. “Product Offer”: R-M offer ONYX HD, the waterborne paints technology and DIAMONT, the solvent-based line. 2. “Colour Universe”: It aims to guarantee an invisible repair in the fastest time, with colour-matching systems as sophisticated as Colormaster, Colortronic 2 or tools such as Color Explorer. 3. “Programmes For Success”: This is an innovative and effective service package to better manage the repair process, develop sales and manage the company. Among the services available in Morocco: TopScan, an audit for the bodyshop used to identify sources of improvement for the paint shop and Design, a tailored service dedicated to establishing the complete bodyshop. 4. “Training Programmes”: The training component is essential for the R-M brand to ensure that its customers have the required level of skills and expertise on the latest technology.

ONYXHD in Marocco
Garage Auto 35 in Casablanca, Samir Aouchar, is the first independent garage in Morocco to distinguish itself by choosing ONYX HD, the waterborne paint technology. Ali Aït Lahri, R-M Sales Manager, said: “Particularly, for his commitment in a country like Morocco where there is still no VOC legislation (volatile organic compounds), the success of ONYX HD only depends on its performance, its efficiency and its exceptional colour matching capabilities.”

R-M: ever closer to its customers

As a top of the range brand, R-M uses web communication to facilitate access to information and thereby strengthen its relationship with customers through social media or the R-M News magazine. The website gives direct access to all brand information. Also, the Color Explorer Online application used by R-M bodyworkers worldwide for their search for colour formulae can be accessed via a smartphone or a tablet. “The R-M brand of the BASF group is a premium brand that puts its customers needs at the heart of development to ensure performance criteria, efficiency and perfectly matched colours”, stated Thomas Gmür, R-M Brand Manager EMEA.

R-M Automotive Refinish Paints: an important part of BASF Coatings

Under the R-M brand, BASF markets a comprehensive range of automotive refinishing paint systems, focusing on eco-efficient waterborne basecoats and high-solids paints.  By using these systems all legal solvent-reduction requirements can be complied with anywhere in the world, and with regard to appearance and resistance, the products meet the same quality standards as solvent-borne paints. In this area, the company offers a wide variety of services to support its customers. R-M Automotive Refinish Paints is approved by most of the leading car manufacturers for aftermarket repair and chosen by the world's most prestigious car companies for its color expertise.

For all further information, please contact:

R-M Automotive Paints - Clermont de l’Oise  (France)
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