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15 октября 2013 г.

BASF showcases solutions for efficient, durable wind turbines

  • New coatings to increase longevity of wind blades
  • BASF at China Wind Power 2013: China International Exhibition Center (new venue), Hall E1, booth EB11, Beijing, China, October 16 - 18, 2013

BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, will showcase its latest innovations for efficient, durable wind turbines at the 5 th China Wind Power Exhibition. Leveraging its unique portfolio of high performance products for tower, base, nacelle and blades, BASF will display contemporary product applications. It will also feature solutions for future product developments, in tandem with the global trend towards bigger and offshore turbines which require improved reliability, durability and longer blades.


The key highlights will be BASF’s new in-mold gelcoat RELEST® Wind ProcessCoat NG and the new edge-protecting coating RELEST® Wind Leading Edge – coating solutions that protect wind blades against wear and tear more efficiently.


“BASF supports the development of wind power as a climate-friendly source of energy, by offering a broad portfolio of innovative solutions to the blade manufacturers, as well as providing technical and engineering support for the tailor-made solutions. We are committed to further developing effective solutions that address the future needs of the wind energy industry,” said Dr Jeffrey Lou, Vice President, Business Management, Greater China, BASF and Sponsor of the BASF Industry Team Wind in China.


Coatings for outstanding protection and extended service life

BASF’s RELEST® Wind coating system makes a crucial contribution to the longevity of the wind turbines which have to endure at least 20 years of operation.


The RELEST® Wind coating system ensures high surface quality and protects rotor blades from enormous stresses brought about by harsh environmental exposure such as weathering, erosion and UV radiation.


The new RELEST® Wind Leading Edge provides excellent protection of the leading edge of the rotor blade from erosion. Its high erosion resistance against rain, sand and hail helps to significantly extend the service life of the rotor blade.


The new RELEST® Wind ProcessCoat NG, an in-mold gelcoat, is a smooth protective layer that offers additional UV protection as well as increases process efficiency.


Epoxy systems for light and durable rotor blades

Increasingly longer rotor blades will impose more challenges during the production processes in the future, raising the bar for technological solutions. Baxxodur® epoxy systems from BASF reduce costs by reducing cycle times for the vacuum infusion of rotor blades. With the innovative vacuum infusion technologies for both carbon and glass fibers, BASF offers the possibility to produce longer, lighter yet stable blades for both onshore and offshore turbines. Providing a full portfolio of standard and latent systems as well as adhesives accordingly caters to the individual needs of the manufacturers. All Baxxodur® systems have been certified for rotor blade production by German Lloyd.


To improve the stability and durability of the rotor blades, BASF has additionally introduced the Kerdyn® PET (polyethylene terephthalate) foam, a versatile and lightweight structural foam which is also processable as a sandwich structure in combination with Baxxodur®. Kerdyn® is used inside the rotor blade and offers good mechanical properties in order to withstand static and constant dynamic loads.


Grout solutions for stable base

The MasterFlow® 9000 series of grout solutions from BASF effectively handles rotational, bending, torsional and axial loads. These products are designed to withstand extremely demanding conditions, providing security, stability and alignment.


At China Wind Power 2013, BASF will display MasterFlow® 9500/9300 which are ultra-high strength, durable and fatigue resistant grouts for on- and offshore wind turbine installation.


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