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25 ноября 2013 г.

Travel on Turkish buses is quieter

  • Turkish bus manufacturer Otokar uses Basotect® as sound absorber
  •  Better insulation with less weight – complicated 3D shapes possible

The leading Turkish bus manufacturer Otokar utilizes Basotect® as sound absorber in the engine compartment for its bus models. To design and produce the various acoustic parts, the company partners with Teknofoam, the Turkish converting facility of Recticel, based in Istanbul.

Teknofoam selected Basotect G, a lightweight melamine resin foam from BASF, as sound absorber for the engine compartment. This flame-retardant open-cell foam achieves high sound absorption figures in the medium and high frequency range. In order to achieve good sound insulation over the whole frequency range, Teknofoam covers Basotect with a specially designed polyurethane film. This film and an additional nonwoven fabric layer also protect the foam from water and oil.

The decision by Teknofoam to use Basotect in bus engines means that the BASF foam is now present in every important means of transport. Its excellent acoustic properties are already creating quieter travelling conditions in cars, trams, trains, aircraft and aerospace.

Basotect meets standards for noise insulation and fire safety

Zafer Dogruyol, Purchasing Manager at Otokar, describes another advantage of the BASF foam: "The Basotect-based solution by Teknofoam is lighter than glass or mineral wool, which has been the common insulation material in recent years. The lower weight leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In addition, Basotect meets all European standards for noise insulation and fire safety. This is particularly important for Otokar because we also export our buses."

As well as buses for city and intercity transport, Otokar manufactures comfortable buses for tourism and long-distance travel, where quietness in the passenger compartment is of particular importance.

A foam that withstands the engine heat and allows tailored design

Heat resistance is crucial for any foam used in bus engine compartments. With diesel engines producing up to 213 kilowatts, temperatures of around 120 degrees Celsius occur regularly. Basotect offers long-term resistance to these high temperatures. In addition to specific requirements for acoustics and heat resistance, the various parts had to be designed and shaped according to the position of the engine, the cooling system or the exhaust system. “Using our computer controlled cutting, sawing and milling techniques, we could configure Basotect to the precise size and 2D or 3D shape. By providing the right pre-cut pieces according to CAD drawings, we also helped Otokar to reduce its installation time,” explained Murat Hapci, Deputy General Manager of Teknofoam.

About Basotect

Basotect foam has a unique range of properties. Its base material makes it flame-retardant and abrasive; it can be used at up to 240 degrees Celsius and retains its properties over a wide temperature range. Because of its open-cell foam structure, it is light, sound-absorbing, and flexible even at low temperatures and thermally insulating.

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About Otokar

Otokar is Turkey’s leading bus manufacturer. Otokar vehicles are designed and developed by a very motivated team of highly qualified engineers, who benefit from the company’s own state-of-the-art design software as well as R&D and testing facilities. In 2012 Otokar invested EUR 12 million in R&D. The company employs more than 2600 personnel and Otokar buses are in service in more than 40 countries, spread over four continents. Further information can be found at:

About Recticel

Recticel is a Belgian Group with a strong European dimension, but expanding its operations in the rest of the world. It has 103 facilities in 28 countries, including US, China, India and Turkey (Teknofoam). Recticel contributes to daily comfort with foam filling for seats, mattresses and slat bases of top brands; acoustic, sealing and thermal insulation material for the construction, transport and industrial market; and an extensive range of other industrial and domestic products. Through its Flexible Foams Business, Recticel is offering value-added solutions that meet specific acoustic, sealing, filtration, protection, cleaning and comfort needs. Recticel (NYSE Euronext: REC – Reuters: RECT.BR – Bloomberg: REC:BB) achieved sales of EUR 1.3 billion in 2012 (IFRS restated: EUR 1.0 billion). Further information can be found at:

About BASF

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company: The Chemical Company. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through science and innovation, we enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society. Our products and solutions contribute to conserving resources, ensuring nutrition and improving quality of life. We have summed up this contribution in our corporate purpose: We create chemistry for a sustainable future. BASF had sales of EUR 72.1 billion in 2012 and more than 110,000 employees as of the end of the year. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt (BAS), London (BFA) and Zurich (AN). Further information on BASF is available on the Internet at


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