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BASF has been active in the Arabian Peninsula for over a century, exporting colorants and intermediates from our headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany, through the Obegi Group of companies. We strengtened our pressence in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries in the eighties, by entering in a local partnersip with the Kanoo Group and by establishing a regional business center to serve our customers in the Arabian Gulf from Dubai, UAE.  

BASF incorporated Saudi BASF for Building Materials Co. Ltd. in 2001, when it started operations and productions of construction chemicals in the Second Industrial Area in Dammam. This was followed by a second Saudi manufacturing plant, which launched operations in Jeddah in 2010.

In 2012, BASF partnered with Astra Polymers to produce Customer Specific Blends (CSBs) at the Astra Polymers premises in Dammam, using BASF-owned production lines and complementing BASF CSB production capabilities in Bahrain.

BASF’s growing involvement in prominent private-public partnerships to achieve many of the Kingdom’s infrastrcture and development goals, BASF incorporated a second Saudi Arabian legal entity in 2015, BASF Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd, which supplies and customizes BASF solutions for almost every industry in Saudi Arabia. From this new office in the Al Othman tower in Al-Khobar, BASF 249 employees work cohesively to meet the local market demands towards BASF corporate purpose ‘to create chemistry for a sustainable future.’

To be even closer to our customers and to serve their needs and demands even faster, we opened a new warehouse in Dammam in 2016. The warehouse has a dedicated area for packed goods storage and sensitive goods, while delivering best in class environment, health and safety standards.