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Saudi Arabia

Health Performance Index (HPI)

Global indicator for health performance at BASF

The success of BASF Corporate Health Management has been measured uniformly around the world since 2011 using the Health Performance Index (HPI) and the results have been published annually in the BASF Report.

With a Health Performance Index of 0.96 in 2021, we again achieved the difficult goal of exceeding 0.9 every year (2020: 0.92).

The HPI includes five components that are all weighted equally at 20% each:

  • Recognized Occupational Diseases
  • Medical Emergency Preparedness
  • First Aid
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Health Promotion

The HPI is the central steering instrument for BASF Corporate Health Management around the world. It also transparently reflects the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative™ (GRI; Table, Column 2). The key GRI indicators LA7 and LA8 cover topics from the fields of occupational medicine and health protection.


Structure, contents, and goals of the BASF Health Performance Index (HPI) and requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative™ (GRI; key indicators LA7 and LA8).

The five components of the BASF Health Performance Index