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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about how to apply for a job at BASF, or have you already created a profile in one of our regional online application systems but you can't find the right access link?


Here are the answers to the commonly asked questions.

Check out Application Procedure find out more about your path to BASF at a glance.

How can I apply for a job at BASF?

Have a look at our career website, which lists the job openings in all BASF Group companies worldwide. When you find a suitable job of interest, you can directly apply online. You are also welcome to join BASF Talent Community to stay informed on the latest job openings that match your interests.

You may visit this page for more information about our application procedure. Data protection is the highest priority for BASF, you may visit here to know more about BASF Personal Information Collection Statement.

What can I do to find a suitable job opening?

You are welcome to join our BASF Talent Community. Once registered, you will receive updates on any upcoming job openings that match your career interests.

Do you accept an unsolicited application?

While we do not accept unsolicited applications in the Asia Pacific region, we encourage you to regularly look at our career website, where you can find all our current vacancies in Asia Pacific. When you see a suitable job that matches your career interests, you can directly apply online.

What are the requirements to work at BASF?

There are no universal requirements to work at BASF. Our diverse and extensive businesses and operations require qualifications in technical and scientific disciplines, chemistry, engineering, economics, finance and accounting, international relations/political studies, human resources and other business-related qualifications. Please read the job description fully in order to understand what we are looking for.

Do you consider candidates from other countries across Asia-Pacific or overseas?

For BASF, diversity and inclusion is one of the critical factors for business success and the well-being of our employees. We embrace talents and abilities of all kinds from different backgrounds to foster growth and the power to innovate in every part of the business.

Where possible, we welcome applications from different countries. Before applying, please take a look at the job requirements as specified in the job description. Please note that unless stated otherwise, positions are offered at local conditions only.

How can I apply for an internship at BASF?

We encourage you to have a look at our career website, where you can find out about all our current internship openings in the Asia Pacific region. When you find an internship which is of your interest, you can directly apply online.

Should I complete a new profile for each additional job I apply for in Asia Pacific?

No. Please use the same profile when applying for multiple jobs by logging in with your existing account.

Do I need to register again, if I want to apply in another region such as Europe or US?

Within Asia Pacific you can use data already stored in our online application system for additional applications. When you want to apply for a job in another region, you might have to register again. Follow the instructions on our global career website, which will guide you through the application process.

Is my personal data protected?

Data protection is the highest priority for BASF. Visit here to learn more about BASF's Personal Information Collection Statement.

How can I ensure, that my application is complete?

Once you apply, you will receive an automatic email response to confirm that your application has been received. If you are selected for an interview, a member of our recruiting team will contact you by phone or email.

When can I expect to hear from BASF?

There is no pre-defined time frame for the screening and selection process as this depends on the specific job opening and, for example, the number of applications received for the position. We evaluate each profile thoroughly and this requires some time. Furthermore we will contact shortlisted candidate as soon as possible.

Visit here for more information about our application procedure.

What do I do, if I forgot my login details?

If you forgot your password, please go to the Sign-In page, then click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link, and enter your email address. A link for resetting your password will be sent to your personal email address.

If you forgot your user name, please go to the Sign-In page, then click on the "Forgot your user name?" link, and enter your registered email address to check for your user name.

Please send us an email (indicate the country / location of the position you are applying, or your current country / location on the email subject. Example: Inquiry of my job application status (India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, etc))

If you have more questions about your application or how to apply, or a technical problem with your application, our human resources team is happy to assist you. You can contact us via contact form.