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Dispersions and Resins

BASF is a leading global supplier of high-quality polymer emulsions, acrylic binders, resins and additives. 

These raw materials play a major role in formulations for architectural coatings, adhesives, construction, fiber bonding, paper coatings & carpets, packaging and wood coating. With our extensive product portfolio and advanced knowledge of the wide range of industries we serve, we can utilize chemistry to mitigate pain points and derive not only environmentally sustainable but innovative approaches to the advancement of the customers’ formulation.

Our high-end raw materials, coupled with comprehensive technical prowess and industry experience allow us to strengthen the quality, durability, and appeal of all coatings, including all interior and exterior coatings. Such raw materials under the well-known brands like Acronal®, Styronal®, Styrofan® & Basonal®.

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