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Sustainability and food safety have recently become more prominent topics in the packaging industry. Higher requirements for food packaging coated grades are being seen in the Asian market. China is one of the leading producers of coated grades for food packaging, looking for new sustainable approaches to meet the ever-increasing food safety regulation requirements.  



Styronal® ES 7902, Technology-driven Solutions

To respond to the current market needs and to address the challenges of its customers, BASF recently developed its novel 3-in-1 Styronal® ES  Food Contact Board Grade, in short: Styronal® ES 7902 

BASF minimized the amounts of the key odor-causing components 4-Phenylcyclohexene (4-PCH) and 4-Vinylcyclohexene (4-VCH) that are typically found in conventional styrene-butadiene chemistry to almost non-detectible levels and more importantly elimination of crucial additives used during the polymerization process that were identified as potential sources of strong odor coming from the converting and UV printing process.

zero odor__.png

                Zero Odor

Regulation compliance_square.png

      Regulation compliance

Low VOC_square.png

                Low VOC

In addition, further optimizations were carried out in its cutting-edge manufacturing process to encapsulate all the requirements needed for the high-quality coated paper and board. Besides GB9685, this new range of lattices also complies with all other relevant standards including European Commission, BfR, FDA.

With the revolutionary technology, Styronal® ES 7902 offers: (1) Unprecedented odor free lattices with lowest possible total VOC levels (2) Fully GB 9685 compliant  (3) Excellent printability.

Styronal® ES 7902 benefit.png

Keeping abreast with regulatory changes, the project team identified and eliminated none permitted food contact additives from the current latex after carrying out a thorough analysis process where every “nut, bolt and screw” was turned for its GB9685 compliance and odor impact in the final product.

This revolutionary styrene-butadiene dispersion technology has been proven in the market to have extremely low TVOC levels and non-detectable unpleasant odorous emission even after extreme converting conditions.

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It can be used in a wide range of food contact board applications and it provides versatile packaging design options allowing complex shapes and high-quality color printing. Styronal® ES 7902 offers the ultimate flexibility thanks to its unique performance properties. 

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