Corporate Volunteering

Social commitment is an important cornerstone of social cohesion. BASF is determined to contribute to this area and is therefore offering various regional volunteering options for its employees.

Since 2016 the global social engagement strategy is defining the general principles of social engagement at all BASF locations worldwide. The common aim is to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Connected to Care sample projects:


Connected to Care – The global program for employee involvement

The huge success of the “Connected to Care” competition, which generated more than 500 projects – 150 of which have now been implemented – has encouraged us to continue “Connected to Care” as a program for employee involvement. Since 2016, “Connected to Care” activities are taking place all around the world, strengthening team spirit amongst BASF employees, developing their social and technical skills and actively shaping their social environment. To this purpose, every BASF site is developing individual formats to support and appreciate its employees' social commitment. All these activities reflect the core principles of Connected to Care: strengthening team mentality, cooperation with a non-profit organization, impact orientation and evaluation of activities. The annual highlight is the “Connected to Care Weeks”, which are used to report on employees' commitment on a global scale.

Connected to Care is an important component of our global strategy on social commitment. The program also promotes employee development and contributes to fulfilling our employer's promise.

Connected to Care short film: