Ultramid® Deep Gloss

Ultramid® Deep Gloss – The polyamide for high gloss in automotive interiors

Ultramid® Deep Gloss is BASF’s specialty polyamide for high-glossy components in automotive interiors. It shows a balanced property profile for components which are high gloss and yet at the same time resistant without any coating:

  • high gloss level
  • excellent resistance to scratching
  • high chemical resistance
  • low emissions
  • good UV resistance

Ultramid® Deep Gloss reproduces structures true to detail. Thus, the material enables an interplay of light and shadow high in contrast. This provides designers with new opportunities to combine unusual textures with new levels of emotion. Surfaces can also be structured by haptic design elements. With suitable sensor technology, this allows integrated, functionalized designs. 

In addition to the piano-black look, contrasting colors and color trends are possible to meet individual customer needs. Ultramid® Deep Gloss has been developed primarily to meet the requirements for automotive interiors. But it is also suitable for manufacturing components with similar requirement profiles in the consumer goods sector.