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An ever-expanding range of requirements constantly leads to new challenges for adhesive manufacturers. Meet the challenges of today and tomorrow – with our raw materials for modern adhesives

Sometimes we want to see them. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes they have to be flexible. But regardless of the specific properties, we always need them to be the most reliable and durable. Adhesives are the very thing that holds industrial and technological advancements together.


Today the need for environmentally conscious actions is an important change driver in consumer markets as well as in the manufacturing industry, and adhesives are no exception. We strive to reliably support our partners with high-quality adhesive raw materials – raw materials that are cleaner and more sustainable.


We help to build things that last – with raw materials for the best adhesives we can imagine.

Extensive in-house testing capabilities


Our Technical Center Ludwigshafen offers you the opportunity to verify new investments or technology changes in advance – without affecting your production capabilities. The facilities provide you with an extensive and flexible testing ground with a wide range of technical possibilities.

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Sustainability in Adhesives

BASF is committed to driving sustainable solutions. Within our adhesive portfolio, we offer solutions to support our customers, from reducing carbon footprint with our biomass balance approach, introducing compostable solutions in laminating adhesives, to recycling compatible solutions.

We continuously innovate to create chemistry for a sustainable future.


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